Lupus and organ involvement

There are steps that may reduce your risk of organ damage. The conversation may feel scary, but talking with your doctor soon after you are diagnosed can help you understand SLE. This will also help you both take control and ensure the best plan for your health. Data shows that:


of people living with lupus will develop organ damage within the 1st year of diagnosis1


of people living with lupus will experience kidney inflammation within the first five years of diagnosis2


of lupus doctors wait a full year to discuss organ damage with their patients3

Living with lupus

Hear people with lupus and healthcare professionals talk about their personal experiences managing lupus.

Small changes
and the butterfly effect

Preventing organ damage may be one important aspect of living a better life with lupus and improving health in years to come. We asked those living with the disease: "What is one small change you've made that has had a butterfly effect on your life?”

Your voice matters

“Find a physician that understands you,
hears you and understands your body.”

Isha, living with lupus since 2016

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with lupus, you may feel overwhelmed. This information can help you know where to begin so you can have a meaningful conversation with your doctor.

Get ready to talk


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