Knowing where to start in your care journey with lupus can be overwhelming, and changes can happen early on. With so many questions to consider, asking what can be done to prevent organ damage is an important topic to remember.

It might help to start the next conversation with your doctor by asking the following questions:

I understand that there is a risk of organ damage with lupus – can we talk about what that means for me?

How do I manage symptoms to prevent flares, or lessen the risk of organ damage?

What are the things that I should look out for when it comes to organ involvement?

Am I on medications that could increase my risk of developing organ damage? If yes, how can I reduce those risks?

What parts of my body are at risk of developing organ damage?

What treatment options can help reduce my chances of developing organ damage?

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Discover steps you can take to address concerns about important parts of your life impacted by lupus.

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